This bonded leather options motion group features a rocking reclining loveseat, a motion sofa with a drop down table, and a glide roc/rec. Incredible function and value makes this sectional perfect for any home.


  • Glide rocking reclining console option with two cupholders
  • Reclining sofa with drop down table
  • Tufted backs with horizontal accent stitching
  • Matching glide recliner
  • Covered in a durable bonded leather

  • U9435X-3PC 3 Piece Sectional
  • U9435X-61B Motion Sofa w/ Drop Down Table
    88″W x 39″D x 40″H
  • U9435X-42B Gliding Console Loveseat
    80″W x 39″D x 40″H
  • U9435X-W0X Wedge
    44″W x 44″D x 35″H
  • U9435X-21B Glide Recliner
    43″W x 39″D x 40″H